Michael Hudson

English Training for native German speakers in the World

If you are a native German speaker in Germany or anywhere in the world AND…;

If you are a professional or student in the fields of health, fitness, strength, wellness, yoga…;

If you would like to learn the proper pronunciation and how to speak comfortably and confidently the words, the ideas, the concepts, the terms, the expressions of your business or discipline..;

If you would like to attract English speakers to your online business or center or location through better English speaking…;

I can be of help to you.

I am in the field of strength training and health with my own little studio space and online business.

With or without a teacher “certification,” I am very qualified, to help you learn and speak excellent English in this area.

I don’t teach beginners or conversational English,.

What I am offering is very specific.

Why native German speakers?

I have German ancestry and would like to live there a part of the year.

I've been to Germany three times over the last several years.

At the conclusion of each trip; ranging from 3 weeks to 3 months, I had not wanted to leave!

I had felt, as if I was just beginning, to fit in.

I’d wanted to stay !!

Another reason I am developing this little niche area of English training is, to help improve my German speaking.

Native German speakers are my main interest... however you need not be one.

If you have good English proficiency, I welcome the opportunity, to help health and wellness professionals in other countries as well.

Feel free to contact me in either English or German.

My level of German is more than beginner, bordering on intermediate.

You may, if you’d like, fill out this Google Form.


It is a Google Form, which you may fill out and submit. It will help me kind of "guesstimate" your current level of English.

If you would like to contact me, please use the form below.

Thank you, Vielen Dank.

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