Michael Hudson

English Training for native German speakers in

I set up this simple one page website, to help native German speakers with good English proficiency become better.

I am looking for those in the field of health, wellness, personal training, fitness, yoga, nutrition.

I offer online coaching, you could say conversations, to help you learn better the correct terminology and pronunciation of words in English related to the fields listed above.

This is, to help your business, if you are seeking to attract native English speaking clients in your area of Germany.

I have German ancestry and would like to live there a part of the year.

I've been to Germany three times over the last several years. At the conclusion of each trip; one being 2 weeks and another 3 months, I had not wanted to leave!

Feel free to contact me in either English or German.

My level of German is more than beginner bordering on intermediate.

Another reason I am developing this little niche area of English training is, to help improve my German speaking.

Native German speakers are my main interest... however you need not be.

If you have good English proficiency, I welcome the opportunity, to help health and wellness professionals in other countries as well.