Michael Hudson

Strength Training Instructor in Manhattan, New York

I believe in safety first. I have no client of mine ever do anything, which poses the threat of injury.

This is, why I am not a fan of Crossfit and so called “functional training.”

There is really nothing functional about it. It is mostly, if not entirely made up nonsense.

Let us suppose you are injured through Crossfit or “functional training”, which does happen!

If the injury is severe enough, you can not exercise. You could say, that you are “less functional”, because of your “functional training”!

What sense does that make?

An appropriate way of looking at “functional training”, is the learning of useless skills, which have no application to your daily life.

I suppose, that you could say, that my idea of exercise is, “performing muscle and joint functions against adequate or meaningful resistance.”

You could also use the words, resistance training OR "intensely contracting muscle fibers and bringing about a rapid state of fatigue with total safety." (say that 10 times at a party, to describe, what I do?)

I don’t like the word “fitness.” It has no actual, formal definition. How do you measure it? You can not.

I don’t like the word “wellness.” What does it actually mean?

Strength can be measured and verified.

In the “real world”, strength is so much more important than so called “fitness.”

If you have an adequate degree of muscular strength, you probably know it.

If you lack muscular strength, you probably know it.

All “exercise” is not the same.

Strength training workouts are different than recreation or general activity.

If done in an ideal fashion, for the purpose of stimulating the body to improve, it is a demanding thing, albeit very safe.

It is not something that can be or should be done daily.

Activities and recreation (much less demanding in terms of intensity) can be done daily or whenever the desire strikes you.

I’ll make it easy for you to understand and implement. Message me and we can begin.